Smart Wise Automatic Reply

A Conversational AI CRM Platform by Codebugged AI

Why Swar?

SWAR is best in class AI Powered CRM Platform which creates new experience for customers by solving their queries and providing you expedite analysis on the Customer Engagement.

This platform enhances customer experience, support managers to increase the sales and revenue of your company.

The CRM has an AI Assistant which is Multilingual, 24x7 available, Engaging and can provide you best in class customer support.

SWAR is a Conversational AI and CRM Product by Codebugged that enhances the customer interaction.

  • Our Vision is to transform enterprises conversations from information driven to data driven.
  • Our chatbots are Robust, Scalable, Intelligent and Wise which provides best in class customer support, Business Process Automation and Conversational Commerce.


Have a Look at our Services

24x7 Availability

Answers at all times, making your application more user friendly.

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Gives up-to-date, authentic, and tailored experiences on your customer’s terms.

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Cost Effective

Requires minimal upfront investment, fast deployment, and reduces support costs.

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Highly scalable, and integrates seamlessly.

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Fast Responses

Delivers responses in seconds and eliminates wait times.

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Increased Revenue

Conversational product recommendation will increase revenue.

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Industries using SWAR

Gadgets are becoming smaller, and systems and apps are growing more complex. Consequently, people often don’t know how to use or find different features, but they know their requirements and how to communicate. By replacing conventional user interfaces with chatbots, companies can make customer experiences more straightforward and intuitive and make employee workflows faster and more productive.


  • Patient engagement and lead generation.
  • Billing and registration.
  • Automated patient outreach.


  • Interact with customers for personalised recommendation.
  • Fasten the service.
  • Increase sales.


  • Can save you time and money.
  • Set you apart from competitors.
  • Available to assist users 24/7.


  • Answering Frequently Asked Questions.
  • Onboarding Customers.
  • Available to assist users 24/7.


  • Reduced time of response.
  • Guest Profiling and Tailored Promotions.
  • Time and Efficiency Go Hand In Hand.


  • Automation
  • Continuous business.
  • Engagement.


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